IFMA Charlotte Sponsor of the Month

Carolina Site is our sponsor of the month.

At Carolina Site we understand that asphalt and concrete maintenance is not only an integral part of the aesthetics of your property, but also that proper maintenance will lead to a safer environment and produce a significant return on investment for building owners and managers.

We excel in creating solutions that minimize operational impediments for tenants, employees, visitors, and customers. Our experts have decades of experience and proven results when it comes to estimating your project precisely and working together to execute within schedule and budget.

We offer a full range of services:
- Milling and Paving
- Crack Fill
- Sealcoating
- Striping
- Concrete
- ADA Comliance
- Drainage

Contact your IFMA member care specialist, Carolina Site at 704-532-3836 to learn more about how our commitment to excellence in asphalt, concrete and site services can add value to your property.