IFMA Charlotte Sponsor of the Month

Cabro is our sponsor of the month.

Relocating from one location to another can be challenging, but relocating an entire business is more daunting still. Whether the business in question is a hospital or a library, a warehouse or an office space, it's critical to have a move that is well-coordinated, organized, and efficient. It's far too important a task to leave up to chance or to handle on a do-it-yourself basis--which is why companies throughout North Carolina and South Carolina entrust their commercial moving needs to Cabro Logistical Solutions.

Experience at Cabro Logistical Solutions
At Cabro, commercial moves are what we do.  We are a relocation company that specializes in commercial moves - no residential work. We understand the unique considerations of commercial moves, and have amassed key experience in several markets:
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Warehouse
  • General Office
  • Library
Our crew of in-house relocation specialists is tasked with transitioning a company from its former location to its new one, and handling all the logistics, scheduling, and storage needs that might come up in the interim. Because we offer everything, from planning through warehousing, we are truly a full-service commercial relocation company - a one-stop-shop for businesses preparing to move.