See a committee that interests you? Interested in furthering your involvement in the FM industry?  Sign up now to join a committee for the new year by sending an email to Or email the committee chair directly.  Involvement in a committee means commitment to the FM industry and IFMA Charlotte.  It means enhancing your personal brand among like-minded individuals and allows for members to become more involved in the overall direction of IFMA Charlotte!

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for providing a direct link to IFMA International and participates in groups and initiatives that magnify and support the role of facility management professionals and help shape issues of importance to the profession. Specific groups and initiatives include the IFMA Foundation, IFMA Government Affairs and Chapter Sustainability.


Chair: Dallas Schwerin
Co-Chair: Alex Leone

Chapter Development

The chapter development committee ensures active and prosperous participation in Charlotte-market Commercial Real Estate organizations.  By partnering with like-minded Associations, IFMA Charlotte can grow membership, foster inclusivity, and develop a wholistic approach to the built environment.  We ensure IFMA Charlotte events are publicized within other CRE organizations, membership has the ability to network with others in the industry, and supporters are in-tune with market trends.

Chapter Development

Co-Chair: Ursula Foxworthy
Co-ChairsLauren Moss and Jim Caldwell

Communications, Marketing, & Public Relations Committee

Our mission is to increase the visibility and awareness of IFMA in the Charlotte metropolitan region while supporting chapter members by providing engaging forums to ask questions, share best practices, and receive valuable information on industry trends and news. This is accomplished through the chapter web site, social media, advertising and promotion, legislative issues and public affairs, and creating alliances with related organizations in the area. In addition, the committee is responsible for photographing events, which ensures the Chapter has an active catalog of photographs of its members, as well as allowing the Chapter to document its activity on the web site and other media. The Communications, Marketing & Public Relations Committee also works to foster media relations to share Charlotte IFMA news with our community.


Co-Chair: Ashely Garten
Co-Chair:Summer Berry

Community Outreach

The goal of the community outreach committee is to provide for our community.  Through partnering with other local non-profits, we collect canned foods for local food banks, coats for the under-clothed, and supplies for local schools.  We provide a needful tie to our local community through volunteer efforts.  We strive to provide local give back opportunities to make a larger impact within our community.

Community Outreach

Chair:Luke Stoiber
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Ignatowicz and Heather Weatherman


Our goal is to organize and communicate information on local seminars pertinent to facility managers, coordinate training sessions for preparing for the CFM & FMP certification programs, and communicate on an on-going basis the importance of attending the World Workplace Events and utilizing the tutorial programs available to members. FM Edge Audio Seminars are available through the Chapter or members can take the on-line 48 question self-assessment test and CFM or FMP exam.


Co-Chair: John Rimer
Co-Chair: Ben Smith
Co-Chair: Jonathan Lee
Co-Chair: Rizwan Riaz


The hospitality committee ensures members feel the 'southern hospitality' that Charlotte has to offer.  Our group is a diverse group of individuals who excel in making newcomers and seasoned professionals feel welcome at our events.  We greet new members and invite them to become more involved in the IFMA Charlotte chapter.  We work with other committees to ensure that our membership knows they are the backbone of this organization.  We also work with the Membership committee to ensure member retention and attraction.

Chair: Stephen Culler
Co Chairs:Andrew Smith

Membership Services Committee

Our goal is to grow and retain Chapter membership. We identify and routinely contact prospective professional, associate and student members in the Charlotte Metro region to help them learn more about IFMA and, in particular, the benefits of being an active member of the Charlotte Chapter. We organize and facilitate orientation meetings for new members. We constantly seek ways to add value to Chapter membership so that joining and being a long-term, active Chapter member is a worthy investment of time and money, benefitting the member, their employer, and the Charlotte community.


Chair: Bruce Voorheis 
Co-Chairs: Jeff Watson and Luke Stoiber

Programs Committee

Overview and Mission:
 The Programs Committee plans and implements IFMA Charlotte's monthly chapter programs, meeting topics and speakers. The primary goal of this committee is to address the educational needs of our professional members through monthly presentations, tours, and round tables/panel discussions, where members learn best practices in Facilities Management. Educational Programs aligned to the IFMA eleven (11) Core Competencies. We meet to brainstorm current events, new practices and interesting ideas to provide fresh topics. The committee identifies timely topics, secures knowledgeable speakers or panelists, chooses appropriate locations and hosts the meetings.

The programs committee needs your help! We want to know what topics are the most important to help make our meetings as useful to you as possible. This could include speakers you've benefited from hearing, or topics that you would like to learn more about. Also, we love touring interesting and new facilities. If you have a suggestion or opportunity, please contact the committee co-chairs or consider joining the Charlotte IFMA Programs Committee.  


Chair: Joleen Stephan-Mease 
Co Chair:

Special Events Committee

Our goal is to promote, coordinate and provide an atmosphere that encourages social interaction, professional development and networking opportunities through various events for the Charlotte Chapter of IFMA. These events include after-hours networking socials, our Annual Spring Golf Masters Golf Tournament and a year-end Holiday Party. The Special Events Committee will also work closely with other committees to provide a venue that will help support the goals of their committees.

Special Events

Chair: Blake Gilley
Co-Chairs: Ashley Garten, Summer Berry


The main goal of the sponsorship committee is to provide associate members and their organizations a viable means to communicate their presence, create positive publicity, increase industry reach and enhance competitor differentiation.  The sponsorship committee works with the associate members to obtain sponsorships that help fund the educational programs and special events offered throughout the year. The committee supports existing sponsors to ensure that their contribution is properly recognized by IFMA Charlotte members and all sponsor benefits are utilized.  Annual sponsorship programs aim to identify and encourage new sponsor candidates to participate by facilitating exclusive networking opportunities where companies can solidify business relationships.


Chair: David Stephenson

Student Relations

The student relations committee oversees the IFMA Student Chapter at UNC Charlotte by serving as the professional advisor.  Through the student chapter, the professional chapter can help make FM the career of choice among college students, furthering the mission of the IFMA Foundation's Global Workforce Initiative.  The student relations committee engages with the professional and associate members to provide networking opportunities, professional experiences, and mentorship to the student chapter membership.

Student Relations

Chair:  Dallas Schwerin