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REDLEE/SCS – The Personal and Professional Janitors

Commercial Real Estate professionals have a saying, “The most expensive thing is vacant space.” No matter what kind of space you manage, first impressions are lasting impressions. A clean, healthy environment has a direct impact on employee, tenant, and visitor satisfaction. Take a walk through a property REDLEE/SCS partners with and you will notice the difference.

REDLEE/SCS is an industry leader in commercial janitorial and related services since its founding in 1982. Starting in Tulsa, OK it grew to become a major market player in several regions across the country; in Charlotte it’s been making waves for over twenty-five years and counting. The company is trusted by some of the Queen City’s most influential and prestigious organizations.

REDLEE/SCS’s experience with multiple facets of commercial cleaning across commercial office space, single-tenant facilities, retail, entertainment, sporting venues, medical office space, museums, special events and more gives the company its unique perspective to provide value and a customized approach to each client. Clients include industries from banking, oil and gas, automotive, non-profits, educational and more. The company knows each client has nuances and details that matter most, and they take the time to understand those nuances to focus on what matters most.

REDLEE/SCS was founded by the Redfearn family, and while it has grown beyond a small family business, it maintains its care and attention to detail that family businesses take pride in. The “family of employees” has unparalleled experience and the company draws its talent from multiple industries – including banking/finance, commercial real estate/facility management, retail, manufacturing, and more – so it does not lose touch with the pulse of the business environments it serves. No member of the team, no matter how long the tenure, will ever shy away from chipping in when the work needs to be done.

In 2017, the independent trade organization ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Association) certified REDLEE/SCS with its prestigious CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) and CIMS-GB “With Honors” designation for its national operations. This independent, third party certification audits a company’s operations, training, human resources, and best practices to verify that it complies with their definition of a successful, value driven organization and is endorsed by IFMA, IREM, and BOMA. Only one quarter of the top 1% of all janitorial companies in the United States (approximately 42,000) have achieved this certification.

If you are looking for a professional commercial janitorial company, look no further. For more information on how REDLEE/SCS can simplify your world by providing a better cleaning solution, please contact:

Chad Runion – Operations/Business Development Manager, 704-201-0838,