Member Dallas Schwerin in the Spotlight

How long have you been a member of IFMA Charlotte?

  • I have been a member of IFMA Charlotte since joining as a student member in 2014. For the past 5 years, I have enjoyed becoming an integral part of IFMA Charlotte.  I look forward to continuing my term as president and moving into another role to help fulfill the needs of IFMA Charlotte into the future.

Why did you join IFMA Charlotte?

  • I went to school for construction and facilities management. While at UNC Charlotte, my former supervisor and I gained a working relationship as she was the professional advisor to the UNC Charlotte student chapter.  That relationship proved beneficial and after graduating I joined the industry (and chapter) as a professional member.  I have a passion for the built-environment and enjoy educating other stakeholders.  The FM industry contributes directly to the bottom-line for organizations; realizing the benefits of that contribution can help organizations tremendously.  My membership to IFMA Charlotte is beneficial because of the resources that IFMA shares, for the advancement of my own career, and for the education opportunities for all stakeholders in the FM industry.

What do you enjoy most about the FM industry?

  • I enjoy that the industry is ever-evolving. I have a set of daily tasks but for the most part, this industry always keeps me on my toes, which I enjoy!

What is your favorite tip for someone new in this industry?

  • My favorite tip for someone new to this industry is to be multi-faceted. Although the buildings themselves rarely change, the FM industry is constantly changing; the way buildings are managed constantly changes; the people that reside in our buildings can constantly change.  From one professional to another, the best approach to ‘making it’ in this industry is to always be on top of your game and be able to handle being pulled in multiple directions.

What do you like to do in your free-time?

  • I enjoy spending time with my new wife (we got married in October 2019), attending any form of motorsport races, and walking our dog, Maggie. I enjoy the outdoors and watching projects come together.  At home, we are in the middle of a renovation project that I hope to complete in the near future.  It has been challenging but that presents an opportunity and I enjoy working on my house.